ESCAPE GAME 100% natural, find the shelter and unlock the door. You have 1 hour for that.

Seek in the forest the necessary items that will help you find the door and unlock it.
The game takes place on the ground only in the pathes of the park, adults ans kids over 10 will enjoy it.

You just need to gather your team, 3 to 6 players.

A fun adventure that will require all your wittiness.

Make your booking by phone : 06 72 46 86 44



Play also on the ground , test your orientation skills and abilities to solve mysteries in the park

A leaflet gives you all instructions to go through the forest solving problems.

Play in group, up to 5 people

Ideal for birthday parties



With the treasure quest your orientation skills will be challenged.

Find wooden chests hidden in the park and rebuilt the mystery key.

Ideal in group to add an extra activity on birthday parties

A big chest is available for you if you want to give special rewards for the gamers